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Gwaith adnewyddu gydag estyniadau newydd a man parcio. Repair work with new extensions and parking area.
Caniatawyd gydag Amodau
Mr Byron Jenkins (Byron Jenkins Architectural Consultancy)
Mr and Mrs D & C Spooner
Pebyll, Llanddewi Brefi, Tregaron, Ceredigion, SY25 6SB
Llanddewi Brefi
Rosalie Metcalfe
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Building Control Response
03-07-2018 14:09:53 Lawr lwytho
Highways & Environmental Services
Highways Recommendation
18-06-2018 11:00:28 Lawr lwytho
Mark Antell
As one who will affected by construction vehicles I would like to add my voice to the well chosen words of Mr Parry. There needs to be access guarantees as well as a committed undertaking to ensure that any additional wear and tear in the infrastructure is made good.
16-06-2018 21:48:52 N/A
NRW Response
06-06-2018 09:47:56 Lawr lwytho
Hugh Parry
I have no objection to the development of the building as such. My concern is with access. I question whether the proposed parking space is sufficient, given that it is to be located in a fairly narrow verge beside a narrow road; since the renovated cottage, which is presumably intended as a holiday let, is to have 3 bedrooms, it is quite likely that there will often be two cars at least needing to be parked (and every time, the car/cars will have to be driven to the hairpin bend further up the hill to turn round). When two cars meet on the road, it is already no easy matter to manoeuvre past each other (I have scratches to prove it), since the road is so narrow and steep - the problems would be increased by further traffic. It is worth bearing in mind that quite large vehicles need to have access to the five properties beyond (to begin with, we have septic tanks), and vehicles are occasionally wider than the road itself (which is not in a very good state of repair). There is also the question of the construction traffic and heavy machinery which the project will require for many months (or years, given the current rate of progress). The only parking place is the muddy lay-by at the hairpin bend where the salt-hopper is kept and where the waste-disposal trucks make their pick-up. Is this viable? It was adequate, no doubt, when the owner needed a truck only to carry the wherewithal to chainsaw his way through the field and chop down the trees alongside the stone wall beside the road, but how is serious construction work to be carried out? Can the owners of the five properties beyond the proposed parking area and the lay-by be guaranteed unblocked access along the road whenever they need it? My own house is located down the bridleway which debouches onto that muddy area which large vehicles are presumably going to be parked on.
The plans which I have been able to download are largely concerned with the house, which no doubt will look acceptable, and be a great improvement on the present derelict wreck (which, however, was virtually invisible before trees were cut down to open up the site). But it is the issue of access which I want to be properly queried, considered and tested.
30-05-2018 14:47:53 N/A
Thomas Ellis Lloyd
See attached
30-05-2018 14:25:01 Lawr lwytho
Highways & Environmental Services
Land Drainage Recommendation