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Cais Amlinellol
Codi annedd gyda ffyrffio mynediad newydd i'r salfe/Erection of dwelling with the formation of new site access
Tynnwyd yn ôl
Mr Byron Jenkins (Byron Jenkins Architectural Consultancy)
Mrs Maureen Davies
Brynderwen Llanddewi Brefi , Tregaron, Tregaron, SY25 6UU
Llanddewi Brefi
Sian Holder
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Math O Ddogfen Disgrifiad Thumbnail Llawrlwytho/Gweladwy
Decision Notice Confirmation of Withdrawn Lawr lwytho
Application Form Redacted application form Lawr lwytho
Supporting Documents DAS Lawr lwytho
Plans / Drawings Location plan Drawing 1 Lawr lwytho
Plans / Drawings Existing site plan Drawing 2 Lawr lwytho


Enw Sylwadau Thumbnail Dyddiad Ffeil
Ms Alison Heal (CCC - Ecologist)
Yn anffodus nid oes rhagolwg ar gael 08-08-2018 12:56:02 Lawr lwytho
Highways & Environmental Services
Highways Recommendation
02-08-2018 10:54:43 Lawr lwytho
Georgina Baker
As the owner of a dwelling currently being erected in the village, I was not informed by letter of this planning application, and it has only just come to my attention, my name and my planning application is on file and there is no reason why this should have been overlooked. The proposed dwelling will be sited in the front garden of an existing bungalow! This dwelling (assumed to be a bungalow), will be directly opposite my newly constructed dwelling which is adjacent to Pant Villa and is currently nearing completion. My plot was purchased on the understanding that the village had reached its quota of planning applications. This dwelling, if permitted, will not only obscure most of my view, it is out of keeping with the design and flow of other properties in the village due to its location . There are mature trees fronting the area which may have a TPO and these lovely trees are part of the picturesque street scene of the village and no details of site access to this dwelling seem to have been provided which is also of concern.
02-07-2018 14:37:09 N/A
Leah Davies (friends)
worried about alternative dwellings being built here as well as this one possibly at a later date, we also feel that this would impose on our property if it was to happen
11-06-2018 19:08:43 N/A
Mr I Wyatt (Dwr Cymru Welsh Water)
Dwr Cymru/Welsh Water response
06-06-2018 12:21:00 Lawr lwytho
Miss C Sertorio (Countryside Council for Wales)
NRW response
04-06-2018 12:27:29 Lawr lwytho
Highways & Environmental Services
Land Drainage Recommendation
21-05-2018 10:43:50 Lawr lwytho