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Advertisement Consent
Retention of signage
Consent Granted
Mr Huw Evans
Miss M South
Cambrian Coast Caravan Park, Borth, SY24 5JU
Jonathan Eirug
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Decision Issued


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Sue Neville (Mrs)
We have serious concerns that the signage nearest the main road will be brightly illuminated and will cause disturbance / light pollution to the bungalows from number 6 and along. Also as previous raised with planning, the signage is much larger than before (see attached photos). In addition to this the sign half way down the drive is excessively bright and is illuminated from dusk til dawn along with the 1 metre high illuminated bollard lights (see attached photos). We appreciate Ms South has moved the bar & grill sign from the road side (outside the of our house) to near the caravan site, which we are grateful and happy with its location.
14-06-2020 17:14:22 N/A
Highways & Environmental Services
Highway Planning Recommendation
RECOMMENDATION - Any permission which the Planning Authority may give shall include the Condition(s) detailed below.

1. Any lighting, flood-lighting or illuminated sign shall be sited so as not to impair the visibility of drivers on the highway. (C63)

REASON: In the interest of road safety. (R1)
14-04-2020 10:28:03 N/A
Commnutiy Council response
Sorry, no preview available 08-04-2020 14:00:29 Download