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Full Planning
The siting of a temporary static caravan during the construction of a new dwelling (permission granted A201050).
Mr and Mrs W & A Davey
Land Adjacent To Awel Y Mynydd Land Adjacent To Awel Y Mynydd, Pisgah, Aberystwyth, SY23 4NE
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Sam Pugh
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Dirprwyedig / Delegated
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Decision Issued
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Approved Subject to Conditions
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Dwr Cymru Welsh Water Response
04-04-2022 11:38:26 Download
Highways & Environmental Services
Land Drainage Recommendation
A220115 – Land adjacent to Awel Y Mynydd, Pisgah, Aberystwyth, SY23 4NE
Sam Pugh
The siting of a temporary static caravan during the construction of a new dwelling (permission granted A201050)

We refer to your planning consultation relating to the above site and we would like to make the following recommendations:

- Any new surfacing, including access, parking areas and paths, should be constructed from permeable materials.
- Increased surface water run-off resulting from the construction of the new development shall be trapped and disposed of onsite so as not to flow onto adjoining properties or land.
- Soakaways should not be located within 6m of a road or building. The application should be accompanied by the site and hydraulic design of the proposed soakaways and the results of the percolation test in accordance with BRE365 or supervening documents to ensure that ground conditions are adequate.
- Soakaways are only an acceptable method of surface water drainage should ground conditions prove suitable. If the existing soils are not satisfactory for infiltration alone an alternative scheme for the disposal of surface water from the site should be submitted to the Authority for assessment.
- A minimum distance of 1m between the base of the infiltration system and the maximum likely ground water level should always be adopted.

- To eliminate the risk of flooding, reduce the impact of the development of the natural environment and to ensure the proposal will not cause any flooding.

- SuDS Approval is required. No development can commence until approval has been granted by the SuDS Approval Body (SAB) as well as planning. It is therefore recommended that the applicant contact the SAB as soon as possible to discuss the SuDS Application.
- Further information can be found on Ceredigion County Council’s website

28-03-2022 16:45:06 N/A
Highways & Environmental Services
Highways Planning Recommendation
A220115 Land adjacent to Awel y Mynydd, Pisgah
RECOMMENDATION - Any permission which the Planning Authority may give shall include the Condition(s) detailed below.

1. The proposed means of access shall be laid out and constructed in accordance with Typical Layout No.1 and the accompanying General Notes. (C15A/1)
2. The verge in front of the site shall be 1.8m wide (C84/1.8V)
3. Visibility splays measuring 2.4m (min ‘x’ distance) by 59m (min ‘y’ distance) by 600mm (max height) shall be provided each side of the proposed access, to the satisfaction of the Local Planning Authority, in conjunction with the Local Highway Authority.
4. The access shall be surfaced and drained to the satisfaction of the Local Planning Authority before commencement of the use hereby permitted. (C31)
5. Surface water shall be trapped and disposed of so as not to flow from/on to the adjoining highway. (C32)
6. No surface water from any part of the development shall be connected into the existing highway surface water drain. (C33)
7. All incidental works within the highway limits shall be carried out to the Local Planning Authority’s satisfaction. (C38)
8. The development shall include any necessary adjustment of any public utilities apparatus, highway drains, street lights, traffic signs or road markings arising from the works, that may include the full cost of introducing any traffic order at the developers expense. (N.B. All works within highway limits have to be supervised and carried out by persons qualified to do so by the Secretary of State under The New Roads & Street Works Act 1991). (C82)
9. Provision shall be made for parking and turning vehicles in accordance with plans approved by the Local Planning Authority. (C9)
10. The proposed parking facilities shall be completed before the development is brought into use. (C5)

REASONS: In the interest of road safety and free flow of traffic.

RML for Rhodri Llwyd
Corporate Lead Officer Highways & Environmental Services
24-03-2022 09:33:06 N/A